Steve McCabe MP joins calls from UNISON to defend workers’ rights

Steve McCabe MP Birmingham, Selly Oak, has voiced his opposition to the government’s proposed Trade Union Bill.  The bill, which has been described as the ‘the biggest crack down on workers’ rights for 30 years’  seeks to dramatically reduce the power of unions to take strike action.

Included in the Bill are plans to effectively criminalise picketing and permit employers to hire strike-breaking agency staff.

Under the government’s new proposals, Unions will be required to ensure that 50% of their members take part in a ballot before any strike action can be authorised. In most key public services it will also require that at least 40% of those eligible to vote support the strike automatically counting any abstentions as a vote against. In the case of 100 teachers asked to strike, the action would only be lawful if at least 50 teachers voted and 40 of them backed the strike. The new laws would also force unions to give employers 14 days’ notice of strike action and allow them to bring in agency staff to cover for striking workers.

Steve has joined UNISON which represents over 12000 public sector workers in Birmingham to raise awareness of both the significance of the Bill and support workers’ rights.

Steve McCabe MP said:

“Under a Tory government workers in my constituency and across the country have seen increased workloads, decreasing job security and now an attack on their right to strike in order to defend their pay and conditions. This bill is attacking the right of working people to have a say on these important issues, which is why I’m supporting UNISON’s call to protect workers’ rights across the country.” 

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