Local MP meets with Tesco to discuss Stirchley site

Steve McCabe has met with Tesco representatives to discuss the future of the proposed Stirchley super-store.


Tesco have told Steve that the continuing financial difficulties affecting the company means that they are unable to give a start date for the store this year but are still fully committed to the project. 


The site on Hazelwell Lane has been the subject of much contention and a number of legal challenges over the last 10 years. Tesco have now finished the necessary demolition work but the site stills lies vacant. In the meantime, the company are working with local groups and a local school to decorate the hoardings so as to improve the visual impact on the area.


Steve McCabe MP said:

“I am grateful to Tesco for meeting with me and being honest about their position. It is obviously very disappointing that building work won’t start this year, particularly as we were promised back in 2013 that Tesco hoped to open the new store at the end of this year. However we have to accept the economic circumstances of the company and welcome the fact they still intend to proceed with this project.


“Stirchley has waited too long for this site to be brought back into use and I share the frustration of many local people but I think Tesco can still be an asset for the area and the project will help other plans to regenerate the area as well as bringing much needed jobs. I've made it clear to Tesco that although we have been patient, the patience of local people is not inexhaustible"

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