Guild of Students join Steve McCabe MP’s call for crackdown on rogue landlords and cowboy builders

Steve McCabe MP and student representatives from the University of Birmingham are calling for safe student accommodation in Selly Oak.

Steve recently met with the President and Housing Officer of the Guild to listen to their concerns about issues affecting students in Selly Oak. High on the agenda was the supply of safe, quality student accommodation and the rapid rate at which conversions and extensions are being pursued in the Selly Oak area.

The Guild’s Housing Officer expressed his concerns about the structural safety of some of the developments and the risks of students falling prey to dodgy landlords and cowboy builders. Steve agreed that more action needed to be taken by the Council to ensure that landlords are adhering to building regulation standards. The Guild are currently campaigning to remove letting boards from the streets of Selly Oak which seem to be displayed all year round.

The President of the Guild also raised their campaign against the Government's plans to scrap maintenance grants which he feels will make it harder for poorer students to access universities. Steve has backed the Guild’s call to urge the Government to keep maintenance grants and said that he was concerned that a system of elite universities for an elite group of people is likely to return if the Government presses ahead with the changes.

Steve McCabe MP said:

“It was good to meet with the President and Housing Officer of the Guild and it seems we are on the same page when it comes to student accommodation in Selly Oak and the Government’s proposals for Higher Education.

“It’s clear that there is a problem when it comes to student housing in Selly Oak, the misuse of permitted development has allowed dodgy landlords to expand properties at far too fast a rate. Parents shouldn't have to worry that their children going off to University this September might end up in dodgy, sub-standard conversions. I'm determined to keep pushing this issue both locally and in Parliament.”

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