Birmingham MP takes residents’ Planning Plight to Parliament

Steve McCabe MP is taking the planning fight all the way to Parliament and is set to bring forward a Bill which aims to protect family homes and neighbourhoods from rogue landlords and cowboy builders.

Steve McCabe has been inundated with planning complaints in recent years. Many people are frustrated at the lack of enforcement action to tackle breaches in planning law by the local Council. Permitted development rights, introduced in 2013, have exacerbated the problem with neighbourhoods blighted with unsightly extensions which are built under the guise of permitted development.


Areas like Selly Oak in Steve’s constituency where there is a large student population have been particularly affected. Unscrupulous developers are buying up family homes in droves and tacking on unsightly extensions to cram as many students in as possible to maximise profits. Most of these extensions do not have planning permission and there are no proper checks to ensure the houses are safe to live in.


The Protection of Family Homes (enforcement and permitted development) 10 Minute Rule Bill will:

-          Require the Department for Communities and Local Government to produce clearer guidance for Planning Authorities on when enforcement action should be taken and it will make it compulsory for local Planning authorities to publish a detailed enforcement plan.

-          The Bill will introduce a right of appeal to an independent body when a planning authority decides not to take enforcement action against a breach in planning law.

-          The Bill will also set out the requirement for extensions built under permitted development to be independently checked against building regulations to ensure they are safe to live in

-          Introduce new powers for planning authorities to fine developers who breach planning law as a deterrent when enforcement action is not considered ‘expedient’


Steve McCabe MP said:

“Too many people use permitted development as an excuse to build their extensions without planning permission without any thought for their neighbours and all too often local councils refuse to take any action. I’ll be pushing for Planning Authorities to publish detailed and thorough enforcement plans so it is clear how breaches in planning law will be dealt with, and when Council’s refuse to take enforcement action local people should be able to appeal to an independent body for them to judge whether action would be ‘expedient’.


“Too many of my constituents and people across the country have been affected by rogue landlords and cowboy builders who build what they like without any consequences and we need to do something about it, which is why I am bringing forward a Bill to protect family homes and neighbourhoods.”



Have you been affected by permitted development or has the planning authority refused to take enforcement action over a breach in planning law? Steve would like to hear from you, you can email Steve or tweet him using #protectourhomes

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