WATCH: Steve McCabe MP questions Leader of the House on cuts to solar power scheme

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At business questions, Steve McCabe MP asked the Leader of the House for a debate on the Government’s plans to cut energy feed-in tariffs and the reports that this will cost 20,000 jobs, devastate the rooftop solar industry and lead to 1 million fewer solar power installations by 2020.

Watch the video to see Chris Grayling MP’s response, he refused to acknowledge the damage that the cuts would have on the solar industry and was evasive in his answer.

Steve has said that the government's lack of support for small scale renewable energy and their plans to cut the feed-in tariff scheme is savage. He said that these plans make little sense and are likely to deal a heavy blow to the emerging solar energy industry and efforts to decarbonise.

Solar is the UK’s most popular green energy and with the Government’s proposal to slash the tariffs by up to 87%, this move is likely to threaten the growth of solar energy and thousands of jobs.

Steve McCabe MP said:

“I asked the Leader of the House for a debate on the likely consequences of their proposals although I doubt he will agree, but I will continue to push this matter in Parliament. The Government should be fulfilling their pledge to decarbonise but instead they have severely undermined one of the cheapest forms of clean energy; solar. The current Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change promised to unleash a solar revolution, but this change is likely to cost jobs and investment in the green economy.”

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