Steve McCabe MP offers flooding advice to constituents as cold weather sets in

As the cold weather is starting to set in, Steve McCabe MP is offering information and advice to his constituents about being prepared for winter weather and in particular flooding.

With flooding having been a particular problem in Selly Park, Steve has contacted a number of organisations to offer advice to his constituents about preparing for the worst and coping with flooding. For those who may be affected, Steve has sought the following advice from Shelter and the RSPCA:

·         Check that your buildings and contents insurance covers you for flood damage. Keep the details of your policy somewhere safe

·         Keep valuable items and documents in waterproof bags and store them upstairs or in high places

·         Know how to turn off your gas, electricity and water at the mains. You may have to do this in the dark

·         Invest in sandbags, vent guards or other flood protection, to help keep the water out. Make sure everyone in your household knows where they are stored and how to use them.

·         If you have animals, make sure they are inside and if possible, upstairs to avoid fast-rising floodwaters

·         Move food, bedding and fresh water somewhere dry and make sure you have emergency feed and fresh water supplies available


With winter approaching, Birmingham City Council are running a public consultation to inform their local flood risk management strategy. The consultation will run for 12 weeks from 9 November 2015 on

The overarching aim of the strategy is to ensure that local flood risk is understood and managed in a coordinated way so that people who are affected by flooding know exactly who is responsible for responding to flooding. Birmingham City Council is responsible for local flood risk from small watercourses and brooks, surface water runoff and groundwater. The Environment Agency is responsible for flood risk from larger rivers and the sea. Severn Trent Water is responsible for flood risk from sewers.

Steve McCabe MP said:

“In the past, parts of my constituency and in particular, Selly Park have been prone to flooding which is why it is important for my constituents to have information to hand in case the worst happens. Hopefully it won’t be the case this winter but it is always best to be prepared and know exactly which agency is responsible for responding to flooding.”

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