Steve McCabe MP supports Cholesterol awareness app

Steve McCabe MP is supporting a new app which has been launched by Heart UK and Sanofi to raise awareness about cholesterol levels.

Steve recently learnt that the number of deaths from cardiovascular disease in his constituency in 2013 was 229 and whilst this figure has decreased over the years, Steve has stressed that more needs to be done which is why he is supporting the release of a new cholesterol based app.

The app, Clogged up Britain, shows the dangers of high levels of cholesterol and the variation in the quality of heart disease care across England. The purpose of the app is to highlight awareness about urgent action to drive improvements in cholesterol management care.

Steve McCabe MP said:

“Figures show that more needs to be done to address cholesterol related deaths and I think that this new app definitely goes some way in doing that. I think that it is important to create as much awareness about the dangers of high cholesterol as not enough is known about it and this app should serve to drive up cholesterol management care.”

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