Letting agent boards causing eyesore across Selly Oak

Steve McCabe MP says tougher enforcement needs to be taken against landlords that clog up the streets of Selly Oak with multiple letting agent boards for an unlimited period of time.

Steve recently met with the President and Housing Officer of the University’s Guild who raised concerns about the sheer volume of letting agent boards on the streets of Selly Oak. The Guild have been campaigning to clean up the streets of Selly Oak and remove letting agent boards which seem to be displayed all year round. Steve expressed the same concerns and decided to pursue the issue with the Department for Communities and Local Government.

Steve asked the Department about the standard timeframes for when letting agent boards are to be removed from private properties. He has been told that current guidance states that advertisements should be removed within 14 days after the grant of a tenancy or completion of a sale. The guidance also states that not more than one advertisement, consisting of a single board or two joined boards is permitted. If these regulations are breached, it is down to the local planning authority to take enforcement action.

Steve McCabe MP said:

“It’s clear that in my constituency the letting agent board regulations aren’t being adhered to and the landlords that own student properties appear to be keeping these boards up for the purposes of unlimited free advertising.

“Not only does this ruin the appearance of many streets in Selly Oak, the practice is not being effectively regulated which means that the landlords in question just get away with it scot-free and I think more needs to be done by the Council to help clean up the streets of Selly Oak.”

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