Gibbins Road – Road Safety Update

Earlier this year Steve McCabe MP met with local residents to discuss their concerns about road safety on Gibbins Road and has heard from the Council that they are currently considering a road safety scheme.

Following a meeting held by Steve McCabe MP and local Councillors in July, the Council agreed to install a vehicle activated sign on Gibbins Road. Steve has welcomed the news and has continued to campaign for further traffic safety measures.

The Council’s Highways Department are currently in talks with local Councillors to see if there is a way of funding a road safety scheme. Steve is pushing for a timescale on when a decision will be made and will be in touch with local residents once an outcome has been reached following the Council’s internal consultation.

Steve McCabe MP said:

“It’s good that the Council have are looking into options to improve road safety on Gibbins Road as I know that many of my constituents have been frustrated that their views weren’t being listened to. This is a step in the right direction to address speeding and the volume of traffic on Gibbins Road and I will continue to push the Council to introduce further traffic calming measures.”

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