Road safety victory for Allens Croft children

Steve McCabe MP and Councillor Eva Phillips (Brandwood ward) join Allens Croft children to mark Road Safety Week.

Earlier this year, the Headteacher of Allens Croft Primary School, Paula Weaver and Deputy Head of Centre for Allens Croft Children’s Centre, Selina Galsinh joined forces with local Councillor and MP to push for safer road measures after both the school, centre and parents expressed serious concerns about dangerous drivers and inconsiderate parking. A number of parents felt strongly that inconsiderate parking limited visibility for road users and made it very difficult for their children to cross the road safely and put them at risk.

After much persistence, 9 bollards were installed around the school and children’s centre earlier this year to deter dangerous driving and parking. The bollards have been put up on the corner of Dawberry Road, Waldrons Moor, the roundabout opposite the school and outside Allens Croft Children’s Centre.

Allens Croft Primary School and Allens Croft Children’s Centre have worked closely together with the community and are continuing to campaign for safer roads,  they’ve said that educating children about road safety remains a priority for the centre and school. To mark road safety week, Allens Croft Primary School ran a road safety competition and pupil, Amelie Auger designed the winning poster whichis due to be placed outside the school to create even more awareness about road safety. The children have also engaged in role play activities to increase their awareness about the green cross code and have been visited by emergency services to discuss the importance of road safety.

This Road Safety Week (23-29 November 2015) is the UK's biggest road safety event, involving thousands of schools, organisations and community groups. Set up in 1997, the event is coordinated annually by Brake each November, and aims to encourage grassroots action on road safety and raise awareness about the part we can all play in preventing tragedies and making roads safer. Road Safety Week gives everyone an opportunity to promote road safety in their community, school or workplace, as part of a big national event, and using guidance and resources from Brake.

Steve McCabe MP said:

“This week is all about educating both pedestrians and motorists about the importance of road safety and I’m very proud of the fantastic work that Allens Croft Primary School and Allens Croft Children’s Centre continue to do in the community to raise awareness. It’s important that parents feel assured that measures have been put in place to protect their children so that they can arrive at school and leave school safely and I think that the success of our campaign earlier this year is a good example of grassroots action to make local roads safer.”

Councillor Eva Phillips said:

"As the parent of a primary aged child I know that school pick-ups and drop offs can be a dangerous time of day for many of our city's youngsters, that's why I continually fight for more cash for safer roads. The improvements around Allens Croft School and the Children’s Centre have made this journey safer, but spending on roads is only half the story. The road safety awareness raising Allens Croft School and the Children’s Centre is doing is vital to keeping our kids safe"

Mrs Weaver, Headteacher of Allens Croft Primary School said:

“We teach our children how to keep themselves safe in a variety of different ways and in different situations. Keeping safe is a key life skill and road safety is one of the most important. Motorists around schools must be extra vigilant, especially when parking at the beginning and end of the school day. Staff and Friends of Allens Croft work closely with the Community Police Team and regularly monitor parking and advise motorists of inappropriate road use. Our pupils responded well to our road safety work but we need the help of motorists to ensure their safety.”

Selina Galsinh, Deputy Head of Centre of Allens Croft Children’s Centre said:

"Safety is a key priority for the children and families that access our Children's Centre. By working closely with parents, the local community, our local councillors and community police we now have a much safer environment for our children and community. We have all worked really hard to put extra safety measures in place and would urge all motorists to drive safely and consider the safety of others and also themselves. Road Safety week is a great opportunity to remind people about the importance of road safety and how they can help make our roads safer".

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