Steve McCabe MP welcomes U-Turn on Working Tax Credits but Child Tax Credits still to be restricted

Steve McCabe MP has welcomed the U-Turn by the Chancellor in the Autumn Statement following his announcement that he will not be cutting Working Tax Credits next year, but forgot to mention that he is still planning to restrict Child Tax Credits to two children per family.


Steve McCabe MP said:

“This autumn statement was an unashamed attempt to resurrect the Chancellors faltering campaign to succeed David Cameron as Tory Leader. Obviously I am pleased that the Chancellor has listened to myself and labour colleagues and decided to scrap his plans to cut working tax credits which would have been devastating for many working families. But he neglected to mention in his speech that he is still going ahead with cuts to Child Tax Credits.


“As with all of the announcements we have heard today the devil will be in the detail and I will be looking very closely indeed.”

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