Steve McCabe MP urges Selly Oak residents to have their say on road safety

Earlier this year Steve McCabe MP met with local residents to discuss their concerns about road safety on Gibbins Road and the Council have now confirmed that they are carrying out a public consultation.

Following a meeting held by Steve McCabe MP and local Councillors in July, the Council agreed to install a vehicle activated sign on Gibbins Road. However, Steve insisted that traffic calming measures needed to go much further to address the existing problems of speeding and the volume of traffic on Gibbins Road.

The proposed scheme for improvement on Gibbins Road includes:

·         Introduction of advisory cycle lanes

·         15 sets of traffic speed cushions

·         Introduction of a 20mph zone

·         Provision of associated signs and road markings

Steve has welcomed the news and has put his support forward for the proposed changes along with over 100 residents from Gibbins Road.

Steve McCabe MP said:

“It’s good that the Council are consulting to improve road safety on Gibbins Road as I know that many of my constituents have been frustrated that their views weren’t being listened to. This is a step in the right direction and I think that Gibbins Road and the surrounding area would benefit greatly from the proposed changes and I really hope that the Council listen to the local community on this one.”

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