Steve McCabe MP meets Posties busy delivering Christmas cheer for the festive season

Steve had an early morning start when he visited staff at Royal Mail, Kings Norton, Delivery Office in Cotteridge to see the operation to manage Christmas deliveries, but his start was nothing compared to the workers at Watford Road, many of whom had been there since 5am or earlier.


Steve met up with Central Birmingham Delivery Office Manager, Marcus Cope and Assistant Manager, Kings Norton, Savraj Dhillon to hear about the work of the 60 odd employees who deliver approximately 50,000 items per day in the run up to Christmas. They are coming off the back of Black Friday and Cyber Monday and building to a peak which culminates in an explosion of mail as we approach the deadline for Christmas posting next week.  The 50,000 figure includes around 6,500 parcels which increasingly makes up a larger and larger proportion of the Royal Mail’s business.


During the visit, Steve had an opportunity to chat with staff and hear about changes in the way the business works. He also met  Rocky Nicholls, the CWU Rep and office work coach who plays a key role in advising on new approaches and new equipment designed to improve the delivery process and Sarah who has the coveted Cadbury’s walk which does occasionally yield the odd chocolate bonus.


Steve McCabe said: “You’ve really got to admire the dedication and determination of the staff and the sheer hard work involved in delivering Christmas. They are a great bunch of people and it was a real pleasure to meet and chat with them”

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