Steve McCabe MP calls for answers on BBC Charter Renewal consultation

Steve has called for answers from the Government on the consultation over the BBC Charter Renewal and to confirm when the results will be published.


The consultation ran from 16 July 2015 and closed on 8 October 2015, since then there has been silence from the Government about the results of the consultation and no indication when the results will be published.


Steve has tabled a Parliamentary Question demanding answers from the Government and hopes to receive an answer in the coming weeks.


As part of the BBC Charter Renewal, Steve is calling for a fairer funding deal for the Midlands, which sees the region receive a measly £12.40p invested per licence fee payer compared to a whopping £750 per licence fee payer in London. 


Steve McCabe MP said:

“TV Licence fee payers in my constituency and across the country deserve to know what is happening with the consultation on the BBC charter renewal. People in Birmingham and the Midlands get a raw deal for their licence fee at present and I want to know how this charter renewal will address this huge imbalance.


“The Government have had well over 2 months to publish the results of the consultation, we are fed up of waiting and want some answers now.”

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