Steve McCabe MP shocked as its back to square one for Katie Road Walk-in Centre

Steve McCabe MP has expressed his shock after learning that its back to square one for Katie Road Walk-in Centre after years of uncertainty.

After nearly three years of back and forth with Birmingham CrossCity Clinical Commissioning Group, a ‘pre-consultation’ and numerous meetings with local residents, Steve was astonished to learn that the future of Katie Road Walk-in Centre is still undecided and a further consultation is planned.

Steve received confirmation from the CCG that plans to move Katie Road Walk in-Centre to the Queen Elizabeth A&E Centre have not been ruled out but they have told him that they aim to be clear about urgent care service options for all of Birmingham by March 2016 which would be subject to public consultation. Steve has said that he finds it outrageous that local people who rely on the service are still in limbo after more than three years of clearly saying that that they don’t want Katie Road Walk-in centre relocated to the QE’s hospital department.

Steve McCabe MP said:

“How many consultations and meetings do we need to have, how many times do local people have to say that they want Katie Road Walk-in centre to remain as it is? My constituents are totally fed up with the uncertainty of the future of a much valued and well used local service.

“I’d really like to know what is driving these decisions and how officials will be clear in three month’s time when they haven’t been clear for the past three years. If they were listening in the first place then they should have ruled out the closure of this valued facility back in 2013 but it appears they are intent to continuing this saga. This is extremely frustrating for my constituents and I think it’s time that officials came clean about their plans for the centre, the least my constituents deserve is a well overdue honest answer about the future of Katie Road Walk-in Centre and I’ll continue to campaign for this.”

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