Steve McCabe MP praises brand new local retirement village

Steve McCabe MP for Birmingham, Selly Oak has praised Bournville Gardens on his recent visit to the brand new retirement village in the heart of the local South Birmingham community.

Steve met with the dedicated staff and residents to find out more about how the new retirement village supports its residents enjoy a healthier, active and more independent lifestyle by providing integrated housing, health and social care.

Bournville Gardens offers mixed tenure homes, extensive leisure facilities, flexible care and support and health and wellbeing services for its 300 residents. The village is run by the ExtraCare Charitable Trust in partnership with Bournville Village Trust and Birmingham City Council.

As well as onsite care, the village offers a mix of social facilities including a shop, Library and IT suite, a fitness suite and a hair salon. Residents are encouraged to participate in a wide range of activities such as fitness classes, gardening competitions, day trips, craft fairs and games tournaments.

Recent research findings from Aston University has shown that the onsite care and support offered at retirement villages like Bournville Gardens mean residents are 50% less likely to move into a care home and 42% less likely to spend time in hospital. The onsite health and care provision can also reduce costs to the taxpayer and free up resources elsewhere. Residents can visit the onsite well-being centre for less serious health concerns leading to a 46% reduction in routine and regular GP visits. The research also found that the average unplanned hospital stay for residents is reduced from 8-14 days to just 1-2 days.

Steve McCabe MP said:

“I was very impressed with what I saw at Bournville Gardens. The ExtraCare model of retirement village focuses on social integration while providing support and care, and appears to be an approach that is working well. I was struck by the real sense of community at Bournville Gardens. The evidence suggests that schemes like this one not only have a positive impact on the health and social outcomes of its residents but also produce significant cost savings on health and social care in the community.”

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