Steve McCabe MP visits leading centre for prosthetics based in his Selly Oak Constituency

Local MP Steve McCabe met with staff and patients at the West Midlands Rehabilitation Centre based in his constituency of Birmingham, Selly Oak.

Steve was invited for a tour of the centre by General Manager Operations Jonathan Craven who it turns out is also a constituent.

The Centre is one of just 9 leading prosthetics centres in the country. Working with Opcare, who have a workshop based on site, the centre’s Prosthetics/Amputee Service is able to measure, produce and fit custom prosthetics for people who have undergone an upper or lower limb amputation arising from trauma, disease or congenital problems. The Centre’s dedicated service also offer ongoing rehabilitation for amputees.

Steve was shown how custom made prosthetics are produced on site. First of all a digital scan is taken at the centre’s clinical measurement laboratory, the file is then uploaded onto a state of the art CAD carving machine which is able to cut out the desired shape in order for a mould to be produced. The entire process, from measuring up to the physical production and fitting, can be done on site.

The West Midlands Rehabilitation Centre provides a range of services for people in the West Midlands to assist them in managing their disabilities. Offering world class support for people with physical, cognitive, emotional and social disabilities.

Steve met with a veteran and amputee who was undergoing therapy at the centre. They discussed how the ongoing support he was receiving at the West Midlands Rehabilitation Centre was helping him readjust to everyday life and maintain his independence and mobility. He also met another amputee, who with support from the centre, had recently begun driving again.

At the Access to Communication Technology (ACT) department he met the dedicated staff working on a range of assistive communication products and was given a demonstration of how eye gaze technology is being used to help those with some of the most severe communication restrictions.

Steve McCabe MP said:

“It’s great to see this kind of innovative work being done here in my constituency. I have had some involvement in this field through my work with the All-Party Parliamentary Limb Loss Group. I was impressed to see the high level of care and support provided by the staff and encouraged to see the cutting edge and innovative work being done, especially in the provision of prosthetics.

“We already have the Royal Centre for Defence Medicine here in Birmingham based just down the road at the QE and with the Life Sciences Park coming to the nearby Selly Oak Battery Site soon, we have a fantastic opportunity to be at the forefront of new medical technologies. 

“I look forward to working with staff at the centre to do all that we can to further improve the services offered in Birmingham and across the region.”

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