Special Education Needs Home to School Transport Survey

I want to know you views on a very important issue that has been raised with me by a number of my constituents. It is the Council's consultation on home to school travel for children and young people with significant special needs.


The consultation is looking at the extent to which the Council should support transport needs for eligible children with special needs and in a nutshell they want to change the policy to only provide transport support "to the nearest appropriate school".


I have already contacted the Council to ask two questions:


1) How much this proposal will save if it is implemented?

2) How many people the Council have advised of the consultation and how it has advised them?


I have also told the Council that I disagree with this proposal because it is putting a big restriction on the choice of school for parents of children with special needs.


I would like to know your views on this consultation and would be grateful if you could fill in the survey below.

The proposal is to only provide travel assistance to the nearest available school. (1 not concerned at all; 5 very concerned)
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