Tory Government bashing Birmingham again

Steve McCabe MP is demanding answers from the Government about how and why Birmingham is to receive absolutely no extra funding from the ‘Transitional Grant’ to help deal with swingeing cuts passed down from Government.

                 In the House of Commons on 8 February, Greg Clark MP, the Secretary of State for Communities and local Government told MPs that the Government has agreed to provide a Transitional Grant fund of £150 million to help local authorities “with the sharpest reductions in Revenue Support Grant”– shockingly Birmingham gets nothing but wealthy Buckinghamshire is set to receive £4.6million.


Birmingham has faced the biggest cuts in local government history, by 2020 Birmingham will have just half of the money it had to run services in the second city than it did in 2010.  Despite pleas from Birmingham MPs for fairer funding for Birmingham, the Government announced that Birmingham would receive no extra money at all from the ‘Transitional Grant’ to help ease the pace of the cuts.


Steve McCabe MP has tabled a Parliamentary Question demanding answers.


Steve said:

“It is obvious that this Government has it in for Birmingham, what I cannot understand is why. We are Britain’s second city but the Government seems hell bent on punishing the people of Birmingham. They’re latest wheeze on increasing the police precept and adding the Osborne Tax for social care will see council taxes rise in some cases by around 8%. They’re stealing our money and making people pay more.


“It’s an outrage that while Birmingham is coping with the biggest cutsin our history the Government has decided to give millions of extra funding to wealthy areas like Buckinghamshire.”

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