MP calls for end to IVF postcode lottery

Steve McCabe MP has asked the government to equalize access to IVF treatment across the country.

Steve raised this issue with the government after hearing from a number of his constituents who have been denied access to NHS funded IVF treatment because their partners have children from previous relationships. The women who contacted Steve met the age criteria and fit the wider criteria but were told they wouldn’t qualify even though they had no children themselves.

When Steve raised this with the Clinical Commissioning Group who are responsible for setting the eligibility criteria, they confirmed that women whose partners have children from previous relationships, regardless of whether children live with them or not,  do not meet the criteria for  NHS-funded assisted conception.

At present, the IVF eligibility criteria varies depending on which CCG you come under, meaning in one part of the country you could be eligible but another you are not. Steve has asked the Department for Health to consider taking steps to equalize access to IVF treatment throughout the NHS across the country instead of the current system, where access depends on where you live.

Steve McCabe MP said:

“It is not fair that eligibility for IVF treatment depends on where you live. In this day and age family life is often complicated and to deny someone access to IVF because their partner has children from a previous relationship does not seem right to me.

“I think we should put a stop to the IVF postcode lottery and I am asking the government to set a fair and equal eligibility criteria across the country.”

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