Cuts to Birmingham Police budgets reflected in new crime figures says MP

Steve McCabe MP says that new alarming statistics show that naturally violent crime is up as a result of severe cuts to Police budgets.

Statistics out today reveal that violent crime has increased by 30% in the last two years, at a time where Police budgets have been sharply slashed. In the year ending March 2015, 1.3 million incidents of violent crime were recorded and crime figures increased overall by 178,870. In the West Midlands £126 million has been cut from the police budget over the past 5 years, 23% of the overall budget and there are fears that this will rise to 55% by 2020.

In Steve’s constituency of Selly Oak, the local community has seen a spate of muggings leaving many students fearful of leaving their homes, particularly as recent muggings have involved threats by masked criminals with weapons.

Steve has been in contact with West Midlands Police about the increase in muggings in Selly Oak who have said that they are working with overtime budgets in response to this type of crime. West Midlands Police have also assured him that they are treating Selly Oak as a priority area using the resources they have available.

Steve McCabe MP said:

“Whilst the figures out today are very concerning, I don’t find them that surprising given the cuts to police budgets. Here in Birmingham where we’ve seen cuts far greater than those in the South of England, it is inevitable that there will be a rise in some types of crime as the police are asked to do more with less.

“So much for the Tories being tough on crime, what we are seeing here is just another example of this government’s disregard for the people of Birmingham. It’s important that the police maximise their resources in the current climate and I’m pleased that they are doing this in Selly Oak but I don’t really know how much more our police units can cope given the sustained attacks on the budget of West Midlands Police. ”

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