Steve McCabe MP takes fight to save Katie Road Walk in Centre to Parliament

Steve McCabe MP is taking the fight to save Katie Road Walk In Centre to Parliament this week after securing an end of day Adjournment Debate.

This Wednesday, Steve will raise serious questions in Parliament about the uncertainty that has surrounded Katie Road Walk In Centre over the past three years. After years of campaigning to keep the well-used local Walk In Centre open, Steve and his constituents are no closer to knowing what is happening with the facility.

Katie Road Walk In Centre sees 70,000 patients a year and there is a clear demand and need for the service in the community, especially where people can’t get an appointment with their GP in good time.  The 2014 Monitor Review reported that about 70% of Walk In Centres reported a rise in demand year on year for Walk In Centre Services, with the average seeing 20-45,000 patients a year. The Monitor Review also showed that commissioning bodies have succeeded in closing over 20% of Walk In Centres and have reduced services at a further 23 centres since 2010.

Steve McCabe MP said:

“After over three years in limbo, my constituents want a straight answer on Katie Road Walk In Centre which is why I’m taking this fight to Parliament. For too long we have been given vague answers and have had to deal with consultations that have fizzled out.

“I want to know what is driving these decisions and I want a clear timescale for when a decision will be made on Katie Road Walk In Centre. I’m also keen to know exactly how much public money CCG’s are allowed to spend on a single consultation.  I’ll be pushing the Department of Health on what they intend to do to bring this continuing saga to an end, my constituents deserve a well overdue honest answer.”

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