Steve McCabe reminds Ministers of public opposition to police cuts

Steve McCabe MP used Monday's debate on police funding to remind ministers about the level of public
The police budget in England and Wales is being cut by 20% by the Government over four years although some areas are being hit harder than others. In 2011-2012 the police cut in Birmingham is 4.1% wheras in low crime Surrey it is 1.5%.
Steve said:
"My survey of 500 people in Selly Oak constituency shows that my constituents believe that cutting police numbers is not the right way to deal with the budget deficit. The survey revealed that there is real anxiety about cuts in policing, opposition to abolishing Anti Social Behaviour Orders and scepticism about the cost and benefits of elected Police Commissioners.


"I would expect these views to be replicated across the West Midlands and elsewhere. It’s no surprise that the government is so unwilling to engage with people on the changes they have in mind because these are the wrong choices and not what people voted for."

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