Steve McCabe MP warns that nearly a quarter of schools are at or over capacity in Birmingham and the problem is only going to get worse

On national offer day (1st March) when parents find out which secondary school their child will be attending in September, new analysis published by the Labour Party reveals the strain on the system caused by the Government’s failed approach to planning for school places:


·         New analysis shows that 23.2% per cent of secondary schools are currently at or over capacity in Birmingham. Across the West Midlands 17.2% of schools at in the same boat.


·         Last year, over 4,000 families did not get their preferred choice secondary school in Birmingham. These figures could rise this year amid mounting pressure on school places and poor planning from the Government.


Local MP, Steve McCabe MP said:


“Lots of parents in Birmingham will be waiting to hear if their child has got a secondary school place today yet because of actions taken by this Tory government it is getting harder and harder for local areas to ensure there are enough school places for local children.


“As the squeeze on school places grows, local schools are at or over capacity and families are missing out on their first choice of school. It’s quite ridiculous that there is no rational planning framework and the government is opening schools where we don’t need them and closing them where we do. I’m calling on the government to untie the hands of local authorities and ensure local areas have the powers they need to adequately plan for school places and make sure local families don’t miss out.”

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