WATCH: Steve McCabe MP makes the case for fair funding for West Midlands Police in Parliament

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During a debate on the Police Funding Formula in the House of Commons, Steve McCabe MP made the case for fairer funding for West Midlands Police who have been badly hit by Government cuts in the last 5 years.


Over the last five years West Midlands Police, the largest police force in England and Wales outside the MET, has been forced to make £180 million of cuts, the highest in the country, which has seen the workforce reduced by 3,000 .  


West Midlands Police are set to increase the number of armed officers, as advised by the Home Office. Steve asked the Minister to clarify where the money is coming from to pay for these additional officers.


Steve told the House:

“It is not bluff and bluster that we need, but honest answers to legitimate questions and queries from people such as myself, who are genuinely worried that the formula, the funding and the rhetoric do not match the heroic efforts of West Midlands police to meet the demands of the community that it seeks to serve.”

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