Anger at theft of regional assets by Tory Government

Steve has demanded that the Government returns to the West Midlands the cash generated from the sale
His call comes after a letter issued yesterday by the Business Secretary Mark Prisk shows that 13 regional assets are being flogged off to the highest bidder. This includes Pebble Mill and the Corus site in Birmingham. The money, however, is being put back into the Governments coffers rather than returned to the region.

Steve said, "This is daylight robbery. These sites and assets belong to people here in the West Midlands. They were acquired by the RDA because they had strategic value and would help boost the economy and create jobs. Now those sites are being sold off for short term cash gain – regardless of the long term economic implications. To make matters worse we now learn that the assets of the London RDA are being retained for London. It is clear case of hypocrisy that must be stopped.
“It’s just another example of the Tory Government taking with one hand and giving with another. The Region benefit from the Regional Growth Fund to the tune of £93 million – but how much will the sale of these assets raise? We may find we have simply funded our own Regional Growth Fund projects out of our own assets which we are being forced to sell.”
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