Steve's listening to GPs on the Government's plans to reorganise the NHS

Local MP Steve McCabe is urging GPs who have yet to complete his NHS reform survey to get in touch.
The bill has been the subject of controversy over recent weeks as the Government scrambles to try and convince medical practitioners of the need for reforms which will pass control of 80% of the NHS budget to GPs and allow far greater involvement by private sector companies in the provision of NHS health services.
The reform has been widely dubbed as the most far reaching shake up of the NHS in the organisations’ history and has been criticised by the Doctors union (the BMA) as “ill thought through” and “implemented in a rush”. The Tory led Government has called a halt to the proposals whilst it conducts a two month ‘listening exercise’.
So far 14% of GPs have responded to the survey.
Steve said: “I would urge any GP who has not yet had a chance to fill in my NHS survey to get in touch. This is a massively important bill which will change the way the NHS works. It’s too early to draw definitive conclusions but already it seems clear that GPs here are not entirely convinced about this bill. They don’t really understand the detail of it. The Government is rushing through the most radical shake up of the NHS ever and the main implementers of the change are unclear about what is expected of them. I will be sharing the conclusions of my consultation with Andrew Lansley. Let’s hope that this 2 month break is more than a PR exercise and that the Tory led Government is willing to listen to the concerns of GPs from here and further afield.”
GP quotes 
“Some changes are needed. The pace of change is not acceptable. Some services are not broken and do not need “fixing”!’
“The biggest problem I see with the proposals is giving extra duties to overstretched doctors. I often do a 12 hour day in General Practice (far from the myth that we have an easy life) and finding the time to make this work successfully is the greatest drawback.  I am on the board of a consortium and my biggest worry is the break up of the NHS and the board being forced to commission care from the private sector”
“I doubt very much if these proposals will make a difference.  The main problem is going to be reduced funding”
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