Decision on Selly Park North Flood Prevention Scheme Delayed

A decision on the Selly Park North Flood Scheme which is dependent on funding from Calthorpe Estates has been deferred at Planning Committee, 15 September 2016 and is likely to be revisited within the next 3-4 weeks.

The committee expressed reservations about the associated student accommodation and whether there is any need for a further 340 student flats in Selly Oak. Members voiced concerns about whether the flood scheme has the capacity to cope with an additional 340 students and their water usage. There were also concerns about pressures on parking and the local community.

Local residents have told Steve McCabe MP that they still have reservations about the scheme, particularly about the additional water on the flood plain as a result of the ‘grey water’ generated by the plumbing demands of the Calthorpe development. Residents want further reassurances that the flood scheme will actually protect them, the plumbing arrangements, including water storage is largely the responsibility of Severn Trent.

Steve has said that there needs to be appropriate consultation with Calthorpe Estates, the Council, local residents, the Environment Agency and Severn Trent on the crucial design element of this part of the project. The Environment Agency have agreed to facilitate this so that any further unanswered questions can be addressed.

Steve McCabe MP said:

“I think that it is important that all of the questions that have been raised by local residents affected by the recent floods are answered before a final decision is made on the hybrid planning application. In particular, Severn Trent need to address concerns about the additional grey water, the last thing we want is another failed flood scheme.

“At the same time, for many residents the flood scheme is an opportunity to protect their homes in the long term and I understand that they want a guarantee that the scheme will work. I’ll be pushing Severn Trent for answers and for a joint meeting with the Environment Agency and Calthorpe so that residents have the chance to put forward their questions.”

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