WATCH: MP slams government for bringing our NHS and Social Care Services to its knees

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Speaking  in the House of Commons yesterday at the Health Estimates debate local MP Steve McCabe opted to ‘tell it like it is’ and attacked the government for driving our NHS and Social care services to its knees.

Steve McCabe MP said:

“Five years into the reign of the current Secretary of State for Health we’re entitled to ask what on earth is happening to our NHS and social care system, and can we any longer afford the extraordinary complacency of this government?

“In Birmingham we’ve seen cuts of £28 million to the budget for social care bringing the service to its knees… Everywhere we look we see our hospitals, GPs and social care services collapsing under the strain”

Steve cited clear examples of this in his constituency such as the uncertain future of the Katie Road Walk in Centre and the recently announced closure of South Maypole Surgery.

Steve’s comments were met with dismay from the Government benches who refuse to take any of the blame for their failed decisions.

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