Steve continues to fight against Police Commissioners

Steve has challenged the Government again during Home Office questions to rethink its policy to introduce elected Police Commissioners.

Steve asked Home Secretary Teresa May to think again during the debate on Monday.

Following the debate Steve said:

"I oppose, and will continue to oppose, Police and Crime Commissioners.

"The Government's policy gives a great deal of power to one politician, responsible for whole regions and millions of people, with no real checks and balances on their actions.

"With Commissioners having the power to hire and fire Chief Constables, the Association of Chief Police Officers has questioned whether the impartiality of the police will be maintained under the Government's policy. Meanwhile, a recent public poll showed that only 15 per cent of people would trust the policy over the current framework. In a survey I conducted here in Birmingham Selly Oak only 7% of residents wanted an elected Police Commissioner.

"Even the Lib Dems are now beginning to doubt whether this policy is a good thing. The Tory Government’s own coalition partners have vowed to fight this policy in the House of Lords.”

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