Cost of Living Survey

I’m interested to know how local families are being affected by rises in the cost of living and the issues that cause most concern to local people. Please take a few minutes to complete the survey.
a) Rising petrol/diesel prices
b) Increased gas and electricity prices
c) More expensive food and basic household goods
d) Increased VAT
e) Cuts to services that you use
(Please rank 1-5 where 1= least impact and 5= greatest impact)
(Please rank on a scale 1-5 where 1= not concerned and 5= very concerned)
Stopped Saving
No family holiday
Using savings to supplement income
Putting off larger purchases
Holding off work on the house
a) Not enough jobs
b) Housing too expensive
c) Lack of opportunities for the next generation
d) Lack of affordable childcare
e) Cuts to public services
(Please rank 1-5 where 1= least concern and 5= most concern)
(Please rank 1-5 where 1=poor and 5=very good)
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