Steve McCabe MP, Birmingham Selly Oak, has joined local pharmacies in his constituency to call on the government to protect pharmacy funding.

Steve recently met with Pharmacist, Shilla Shah of Evergreen Pharmacy in Billesley who explained her worries about the government’s proposals to cut funding for community pharmacies and the impact this will have on patients and independent businesses like hers.

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During the 2016 Budget debate this week in the House of Commons, Steve McCabe MP criticised the Chancellor’s weak budget and his plan for Birmingham.

Steve attacked the Chancellor for failing to deliver on targets that he predicted and said after eight budgets, Osborne has run out of excuses. Steve pointed out that the budget was further proof of the Tory economic plan for Birmingham and it was clear that there is no sign of rebalancing the economy.

Steve told the House:

Steve McCabe MP for Birmingham, Selly Oak has joined campaigners from cancer charity Anthony Nolan who are searching for more local lifesavers in Selly Oak to join their stem cell donor register and help in the fight against blood cancer.

Steve McCabe MP and other members of the Work and Pensions Select Committee have concluded that the Government and previous governments failed to communicate state pension age changes effectively.


Having previously proclaimed the strength of his long term plan and how he’d insulated Britain from world events, in sharp contrast to the optimism of the Autumn Statement of only four months ago, we were told of gloom in the world economy and a series of missed targets and revised forecasts.


Once again he has missed his deficit reduction and debt targets.



This means that Selly Oak Constituency is now in the top 15% of constituencies for unemployment.


Local MP, Steve McCabe MP said:

“It is shocking that unemployment in my constituency has risen three months running now and is way above the national average. The Office for National Statistics is expected to downgrade the UK’s growth forecasts for this year, what will this mean for my constituents and jobs in our area?


Steve McCabe MP for Birmingham, Selly Oak is pledging his support for this year’s Earth Hour. Steve met with campaigners from leading conservation organisation World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in London this week to discuss ways of achieving a low carbon future ahead of the global lights out event, due to take place on Saturday 19 March at 8:30pm.


In the next few months we are going to hear lots of reasons why Britain should remain or leave the EU.


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During a debate on the Police Funding Formula in the House of Commons, Steve McCabe MP made the case for fairer funding for West Midlands Police who have been badly hit by Government cuts in the last 5 years.


Over the last five years West Midlands Police, the largest police force in England and Wales outside the MET, has been forced to make £180 million of cuts, the highest in the country, which has seen the workforce reduced by 3,000 .  


Steve McCabe MP has revealed that since 2013 only 9% of specialist science research and innovation funding has been spent in the West Midlands, compared to a whopping 46% in London.

Speaking in the House of Commons during the debate on the Science budgets for Estimates Day, Steve wanted to know why the West Midlands receives such little funding for science research and innovation.  Official figures obtained from the House of Commons Library show that Catapult only spent 9% of its funding in the West Midlands, compared to 46% in London and 22% in the South East.

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