The visit by the Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury to Birmingham is part of Steve’s “Labour’s Got Talent” series. Steve opened the meeting by rallying supporters, arguing that five by-election victories and 800 more councillors since May 2010 meant Labour was already getting back on its feet. Steve also paid tribute to Rachel, MP for Leeds West since 2010, for her ‘meteoric rise’ to her current job as Labour’s no. 2 on the economy.
While visiting, Steve met up with the pupils who asked him questions about the workings of Parliament and their relationship with it. Steve also talked about the different functions of an MP, explaining the difference between his parliamentary and constituency role. Steve said: “I think it’s really important that young people have a proper understanding of Parliament, what it does and how this affects them.
Steve is particularly concerned about the increase in unemployment and the prospect of a generation of young people being written off with no hope for the future. Steve has arranged another of his regular Report Back events so that residents can raise issues they are concerned about; question Steve about what he has been doing in Parliament and in the constituency and discuss his priorities for the next couple of months. He will also give some feedback on recent surveys about the NHS and reform of the EU.

‘I’d like to see a proper employment and training programme designed to offer hope and opportunity to the 1million young people who now face a future of unemployment, low wages and poor health. That would be a Christmas present worth having.’

The apprentices gave a short presentation explaining what they were doing in the factory and at college, and how they are learning more and more about the wider business.


The reception celebrated the successful completion of the VELUX CarbonLight Housing Scheme in Rothwell, Kettering. The CarbonLight scheme is a cornerstone of VELUX’s Europe-wide Model Home 2020 Project, which aims to build energy efficient and sustainable housing which is practical and comfortable to live in.

UK unemployment rose by 128,000 in the three months to October to 2.64 million, up from 2.62 million last month. Even worse were the youth unemployment figures which have risen to 1.027 million, the highest it has ever been since record began in 1992.



Steve has been running a Christmas card competition with 13 local Junior Schools in the Selly Oak Constituency. Steve had asked the children to design a card that illustrated what Christmas meant to them.



Progress, who published the Purple Book this year, are currently touring the UK and holding debates on the authors’ policy prescriptions for 21st century Britain. The debate was held at Birmingham City Council House on the 8th December. Speakers included Steve McCabe MP, Rt. Hon. Liam Byrne and Cllr. Steve Bedser.


Steve said:

‘I was very impressed with her; she’s only been in post four weeks but seems to have got to grips with her new role very quickly indeed.



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