Deafness is not a learning disability, yet 65% of deaf children in England fail to achieve 5 GCSE’s grades A*-C, compared to 31.2% of pupils nationally. These figures show an inherent bias against deaf children in our education system. Cuts to programmes which aid deaf children simply add to this bias.



Steve was very sorry he had to miss the protest, but he was tied up in Parliament. Steve did however want to offer his support to the protestors and released this statement:



Currently, around £1 of every £4 spent on heating our homes is wasted because of a lack of adequate insulation. And with over 6 million cavity walls unfilled, and 10 million lofts left unlagged, a huge amount of money is being wasted.  



The reception was a chance to celebrate the work undertaken by retailers and their employees in their local areas and an opportunity to see firsthand how responsible retailers are making a real difference to their communities every day.




The biennial NRAS Healthcare Champion Awards provides the opportunity to celebrate the dedication and professionalism of those healthcare professionals that go ‘the extra mile’ to provide the best possible outcomes for the many people coping with Rheumatoid Arthritis, while also working in a challenging environment of NHS reforms and austerity.



Steve also visited Swanshurst Girls School in Billesley on Friday 11 November for their Remembrance Day service. Steve spoke with veterans and pupils about the sacrifices made by our military forces and how important it was to remember those that gave their life for our country.

Steve McCabe MP attended a Parliamentary reception entitled ‘Creating a Greener Future: An Introduction to the Work of the Young People’s Trust for the Environment’, where he met a number of school children and Dermot O’ Leary. Whilst there, he discussed the work of the organization and pledged to help in any way he could.
The policy research report was published Monday 31st October 2011. The launch at the House of Commons was attended by parliamentarians, senior civil servants and industry officials.


The Primary Care Diabetes Society (PCDS) convened a Working Group of diabetes clinical experts to take a closer look at why people with diabetes are more likely to be admitted into hospital and the impact this has on the NHS.




Steve joined the community at St Marys Hospice for the day to help staff care for the patients at the hospice. Having previously supported CSV through volunteer work at Birmingham Women’s Hospital, Steve is a firm supporter of the work that CSV is doing.


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