The home which was owned by Southern Cross is now expected to revert to previous owners Bond Care.

Manager Marlene Myers invited Steve to attend after he contacted her to ask how things were.

Steve said, ‘This is a well run home. Marlene and her staff do an excellent job and the elderly people I spoke to and their relatives were full of praise about the standards of care at their home.

The project which operates as a ‘not for profit’ Community Business, run by local workers, parents and carers,  offers high quality and affordable childcare and a venue for training and support for local parents and carers.The extension was funded through a partnership with the city council and the Third Sector Capital fund set up by the previous government. It’s services are available from 8am to 6pm, 5 days per week, 48 weeks per year.


Steve has highlighted the recent Office for National Statistics report which shows that the West Midlands has experienced an increase of 6.1% in the unemployment rate. This is the largest increase of any region in the United Kingdom.


Steve said:

Steve was an integral part of the questioning of the Select Committee, asking Sir Paul Stephenson and Dick Fedorcio about the appointment of Neil Wallis, former Executive Editor of the News of the World as an advisor on media issues to the Metropolitan Police. Sir Paul was also questioned by Mr McCabe on his complimentary visit to Champneys, the luxury spa resort. 


Mr Dilnot spoke about the report and the importance of taking his proposals forward in to law.
Steve said:
“It is important that the work of the Dilnot Commission is carried forward and his proposals implemented in law to ensure that we provide dignity in retirement for everyone in Britain.”
Steve has successfully led a campaign to prevent a new phone mast being constructed in Bournville following an influx of complaints from constituents living in the local area. The mast was due to be constructed near to St Joseph’s Primary School and on the edge of the Bournville conservation area.

At a meeting of the Parliamentary Space Committee Steve McCabe MP met Senior Astronaut Michael Barrett, who was a Medical Officer and the Chief Scientific Officer on the last ever mission of the space shuttle “Discovery”.


On Saturday 25th June Steve attended the annual Bournville Festival held at the Bournville Cricket Ground near the Cadbury factory. This year was the 109th year that the event has been held in Bournville and over 8,000 people attended.


On Friday 1st July Steve attended the Executive Forum with representatives of Guangzhou to discuss potential business and education opportunities with Guangzhou and Birmingham. The event was organised by the University of Birmingham and took place at the International Convention Centre.


Steve is now working to stop the Conservative-led Government’s plans to force Birmingham City Council into paying for a referendum.


Steve said: “This is absolutely scandalous. The Government has cut Birmingham City Council’s budget but now expects us to pay for a Mayoral referendum which the Government is insisting Birmingham holds.”


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