One in every hundred adults has autism, meaning there are 300,000 adults in England with the disability.


 ‘Push For Action’ campaign follows a recent NAS survey of 1100 people across England, which showed that many adults with the disability are missing out on the support they need:


·         36% of people with autism said they need help to wash and dress. But only 7% get this support from social services.

Steve has written to faith groups in the constituency to ask for their views on whether the UK is on target to meet the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs); and what should replace the MDGs framework in 2016.


The letter comes as the international community have less than 1,000 days to meet these goals. The UN concluded in 2012 that targets had been met in ensuring parity for boys’ and girls’ enrolment in primary school; high levels of internet usage across the world; and halting and reversing the problem of tuberculosis.


Steve has been talking to Day Nurseries and Childminders in his constituency and getting their views on what needs changing and if they think the government’s plans will improve how childcare works.


Steve has written to over 200 charities and community groups who have activities in the Birmingham Selly Oak constituency to assess the health of the third and voluntary sector in the local area.


The letter comes as charities and community groups continue to struggle in a climate of public austerity; as central Government and local authority grants and funding are cut; whilst people are less able to donate to good causes as wages get squeezed.


Steve McCabe MP has been probing the Department for Communities and Local Government about the use of the High Street Innovation Fund after reports that only 7% of the £10 million fund had actually been spent.


A few constituents have contacted me to ask about the plans the Post Office has to close the Post Office in Kings Heath and ask a local business to take on responsibility for providing a post office service in the area.

Steve McCabe has branded the announcement by the Justice Secretary to remove prisoner perks as a cynical manoeuvre that has been orchestrated in time for local elections.


The Government has set out plans for a tougher prison regime in England and Wales; from November they say male prisoners will have to earn privileges such as daytime TV, the use of gyms and access to cash, by taking part in a programme of work, education, or rehabilitation.


I'm walking a 10 mile sponsored walk with Labour Councillors and Labour Party members on Sunday 05 May to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support, who do vital work to support people who have cancer. We will be walking a 10 mile section of the Birmingham Canal system.

Figures released today by the Office for National Statistics showed the economy grew by just 0.3% in the first three months of the year.


This news comes shortly after the Fitch credit ratings agency downgraded the UK’s AAA rating due to a weaker economic and fiscal outlook.


This isn’t the only bad news the economy has had in so many days which came after the International Monetary Fund slashed its forecast for growth from 1% to 0.7% in 2013.


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