The reception was a chance to celebrate the work undertaken by retailers and their employees in their local areas and an opportunity to see firsthand how responsible retailers are making a real difference to their communities every day.




The biennial NRAS Healthcare Champion Awards provides the opportunity to celebrate the dedication and professionalism of those healthcare professionals that go ‘the extra mile’ to provide the best possible outcomes for the many people coping with Rheumatoid Arthritis, while also working in a challenging environment of NHS reforms and austerity.



The Primary Care Diabetes Society (PCDS) convened a Working Group of diabetes clinical experts to take a closer look at why people with diabetes are more likely to be admitted into hospital and the impact this has on the NHS.



More than 180 of the country’s biggest companies and business organizations have demanded that employability and entrepreneurship education should be included in the national curriculum by backing the ‘Enterprise Curriculum’ Campaign.
The War Memorials Trust and the SmartWater Foundation have teamed up to locate and protect thousands of war memorials across the United Kingdom.
The effort centres on SmartWater; a unique marker which can help trace items should they fall foul to theft. It is also a highly durable material, which can withstand high temperatures should an effort be made to melt down stolen metals. Memorium 2014 aims to use SmartWater, generously provided free of charge, in a bid to protect our nation’s memorials from theft or damage.
Steve has been contacted by many of his constituents who are angry at the Government for cutting the funding for concessionary travel, which will end on 31 October 2011.
 The plans amount to the closure of one in four ticket offices at railway stations across England and Wales. This will include Selly Oak, Hall Green, Acocks Green and Aston Stations.
Railway staff argue that unmanned stations are less secure with increases in vandalism and incidents of theft and assault. Surveys have shown that women and disabled users feel particularly vulnerable at stations which aren’t staffed. This was confirmed by a worker at Aston railway station; Vijay (pictured), who has worked for the railways for 23 years.

Excluding those in full time education, the number has risen to 709,000, an increase of 91,000. 

The number of people claiming Jobseeker’s allowance has risen by 20,300 to 1.58 million. The number of people employed in the public sector has fallen by 111,000, the largest fall since comparative records began. 

 Steve has highlighted the costly nature of the NHS reforms to the taxpayer. Professor Kieran Walshe, Professor of Health Policy and Management at Manchester University has suggested that the NHS reorganisation could cost up to £3bn. 


West Midlands Police used around 10 staff from the private security company G4S to assist with the filing of electronic material from a counter-terrorism operation last December. The operation led to 9 people being charged with terrorism offences.
Steve will hope to question the Home Secretary on this matter in the House of Commons on the 12th of September.
Steve said:

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