The Government’s Labour Force Survey shows that there are now 119,000 more 19-24 year olds not in education, employment or training (NEETs) representing a rise of 18%. 
In addition, the statistics released by the Department for Education shows that the number of young people not in education or training (NETs) has increased by 209,000 between the second quarter of 2010 and the same period in 2011.
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Figures newly released today show that the total rate of unemployment in 16-64 year olds has increased by 0.1% to 7.9% for the three months up to June 2011. The figure increased by 38,000 in the same period to reach 2.49 million.
Youth unemployment has increased by 15,000 a 0.2% increase to 20.2%.There are now 949,000 16-24 year olds without work in the United Kingdom.
In particular, the Committee is interested in investigating police relations with the communities that have been affected by the disorder and the role of organised groups in promoting violence and looting. 
The matter of whether the police were constrained in their actions because of the young age of some of the rioters will also be investigated. 
I want to make clear my total condemnation of those who have been engaged in violence, disorder and looting on the streets of Birmingham. In the early hours of Wednesday 10th August, this culminated in the deaths of three young men in the Winson Green area. There are no excuses for this excess of criminal behaviour and it cannot be tolerated.

Steve was an integral part of the questioning of the Select Committee, asking Sir Paul Stephenson and Dick Fedorcio about the appointment of Neil Wallis, former Executive Editor of the News of the World as an advisor on media issues to the Metropolitan Police. Sir Paul was also questioned by Mr McCabe on his complimentary visit to Champneys, the luxury spa resort. 


Mr Dilnot spoke about the report and the importance of taking his proposals forward in to law.
Steve said:
“It is important that the work of the Dilnot Commission is carried forward and his proposals implemented in law to ensure that we provide dignity in retirement for everyone in Britain.”

The launch, held in Parliament, heard from Jane Asher, President of the NAS, who spoke about the challenges faced by parents of children with autism in getting even basic educational support. Steve attended the launch and joined children with autism, parents, carers and principals and other professionals from NAS autism-specific schools.


Steve said:



Steve McCabe has pledged his support for the JustPay! campaign for Living Wages in the FTSE 100 and is now calling on constituents to  ‘activate their money’ for Living Wages.



At a meeting of the Parliamentary Space Committee Steve McCabe MP met Senior Astronaut Michael Barrett, who was a Medical Officer and the Chief Scientific Officer on the last ever mission of the space shuttle “Discovery”.


In my recent survey on the cost of living I was struck by the number of people who indicated how concerned they were about  the lack of opportunity for the next generation. I share that concern. On 13 July I am presenting a Bill in Parliament calling for some action from the Government.  I am asking that they take our concerns seriously and set up a Youth Employment and Training scheme paid for by a special tax on bankers bonuses.  
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