Following concerns raised by leading scientists about the threatened closure of the Forensic Science Service, Steve has laid down a Parliamentary Question to Government ministers in the Home Office. The Forensic Science Service is responsible for pioneering research which helps to solve crimes.

As a results of concerns Steve has about the effect on patients of the abolition of some NHS targets Steve has asked the Secretary of State for Health the following question:


Question: To ask the Secretary of State what assessment has the Department made of the effect of abolishing NHS waiting time targets for patients?

Steve highlighted in the debate the impact of cuts to the police budget. In particular, Steve focussed on
·        The fact that young people are more likely to be victims of crime than perpetrators of crime
·        The role the police play in preventing anti-social behaviour by organising sports activities, for example

Steve McCabe MP has put down questions for Government ministers to answer at Justice questions on Wednesday. The questions aim to probe ministers on whether there were breaches in procedure during the recent riot at Ford open prison or whether their are shortcomings in current policy.

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Steve McCabe MP quizes minister on immigration figures.

Steve spoke out against cuts to police numbers in the Police Funding debate on 8th December 2010.


He said:


Stephen McCabe (Birmingham, Selly Oak, Labour)

Speaking in the police reform debate 13 December 2010 Steve McCabe MP said:

“The Lib Dems have let students down. In my world a pledge means a solemn and binding promise and that’s why I can’t find words to describe the contempt I felt when I discovered that at the very same time as LibDem leaders and candidates were touring campuses, signing their pledges, posing for photographs and asking students to help deliver their leaflets, Danny Alexander was in his lair producing a report on scrapping not fees but scrapping the pledge."
Steve added:

Home Secretary Teresa May said: We have been absolutely clear about our aim in regard to net migration, and we made it absolutely clear in the coalition agreement that we were committed to introducing an annual limit on non-EU economic migration. That is what we are doing today.

Kenneth Clarke (Lord Chancellor, Secretary of State, Justice; Rushcliffe, Conservative)

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