The group is an independent and self funding association representing more than two hundred Polish businesses and professionals from across the UK. Its aim is to counter some of the myths about the contribution of Polish people to life in the UK and emphasises that East European migrants cannot be treated as a homogeneous group. 


Steve McCabe MP has expressed concern over the Conservative-led Government’s plans to reform the supply of legal aid. The Coalition Government is proposing to cut £300m from the criminal legal aid budget.


Steve McCabe has expressed disappointment that the Energy Bill has missed an opportunity to help hard pressed bill payers and to clean up our power system by failing to include a decarbonisation target.


The National Deaf Children’s Society (NDCS) invited MPs from across England to support a call for a Parliamentary debate to protect specialist services, such as Teachers of the Deaf.


Steve McCabe is calling on the Government to change the Work Capability Assessment, conducted by ATOS, which are used to decide whether a person is fit for work.


A legal challenge was lodged by two people with mental health problems who claimed these tests for Employment and Support Allowance would discriminate against them.


Judges ruled that the Work Capability Assessment puts people with mental illness, autism and learning difficulties at a substantial disadvantage.



Bee-lovers have taken over 183 actions to save bees in Birmingham, Selly Oak as part of Friends of the Earth’s Bee Cause campaign. Actions include planting bee friendly seeds, signing petitions and building ‘bee hotels’ to replace lost natural habitat.


A new University of Reading report identifies parts of the West Midlands as of key importance to the Long-horned Bee and highlights the issue of habitat loss in the decline of bees across the region.


One in every hundred adults has autism, meaning there are 300,000 adults in England with the disability.


 ‘Push For Action’ campaign follows a recent NAS survey of 1100 people across England, which showed that many adults with the disability are missing out on the support they need:


·         36% of people with autism said they need help to wash and dress. But only 7% get this support from social services.

Speaking in the Queen’s Speech debate on Health and Social Care Steve pressed the government on the detail of its proposals to reform the social care system pointing out not all is what it seems. Here's what he said:


Steve McCabe (Birmingham, Selly Oak) (Lab):

It is a pleasure to follow the thoughtful speech of the hon. Member for Mid Derbyshire (Pauline Latham).

Steve has been talking to Day Nurseries and Childminders in his constituency and getting their views on what needs changing and if they think the government’s plans will improve how childcare works.


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