Steve McCabe MP, Member of the Home Affairs Select Committee, has called on the Government to do more to tackle the perpetrators of criminal behaviour online following the publication of the Home Affairs Select Committee report on e-crime.


Attending a meeting of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Dentistry at the Houses of Parliament on Wednesday 10 July, Steve McCabe MP met with Birmingham dentist and Dental School lecturer, Dr Janet Clarke MBE, the former president of the British Dental Association who has been asked to lead a government review looking at how access to care and health outcomes for vulnerable patients can be improved.

Steve McCabe MP said:

Mr Mahoney, a local constituent and Branch Chairman of the CWU Birmingham District Branch, discussed concerns about loss of jobs, a deterioration in service for customers and a loss of the universal delivery commitment and six day delivery.

Steve McCabe MP has put down written parliamentary questions for Government Ministers following the meeting about the guarantees made by the Government and also about the reported pay and benefits rise of the Royal Mail Chief Executive which is reported to have been 40% for 2012/13.


James Wharton MP (Stockton South) has tabled a Private Member’s Bill which legislates for an EU Referendum to be held in 2017. This Bill will have its Second Reading on Friday 5th July.


Steve McCabe MP said:

Mr McCabe was amongst the large number of Members of Parliament who backed the charity's call to install artificial noise generators on quiet vehicles.

Research shows that some quiet vehicles cannot be heard until one second before impact and, in certain conditions, are more likely to be involved in a collision with a pedestrian than conventional vehicles.

Guide Dogs held the reception to highlight the charity’s concerns about the safety implications of vehicles that cannot be heard.

Steve McCabe, MP is backing a charity’s call for accessible lipreading classes in the local area so that people with hearing loss can learn this life-changing skill.


Today the Chancellor has come to the Commons to announce a further £11.5bn of cuts in public spending.  That’s cuts to policing, border security, health, libraries, sports halls and youth clubs. Two years ago he said he’d asked the British people for all that was needed and he wouldn’t be coming back for more but today he is

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