Over the last few days I’ve been contacted by constituents and had twitter exchanges with people who have argued that Labour didn’t vote against the Welfare Reform Bill. Below is the text of the amendment where Labour opposed the Bill. It is pretty clear what it says. I should point out that the SNP declined to vote for this amendment.

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During Treasury Questions on 21 July 2015 Steve McCabe MP asked the Financial Secretary to the Treasury, David Gauke MP whether he accepted that over the course of Parliament, tax rises will be twice as big as any tax cuts.

Steve McCabe MP met with local residents from Selly Oak on Saturday 11 July to listen to concerns about road safety on Gibbins Road.

Steve McCabe MP has welcomed smart meters – the technology that will finally digitise the way we buy and manage our gas and electricity and help us get control over our energy bills.

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This week Steve McCabe, MP for Birmingham Selly Oak, spoke in the debate on the Summer Budget 2015.

Steve’s speech at a glance


·         The key feature of the Chancellor’s true blue Budget is that it will leave 3 million families £1,000 per year worse off, on average.


Last week during PMQ’s Steve McCabe asked David Cameron if he planned to use legislation on English Votes for English Laws to repeal the Hunting Act. The Prime Minister told the House of Commons it would be a chance to debate an issue then have a vote.


With the vote planned for tomorrow the Government have done a spectacular U Turn and called off the vote following news that Scottish Nationalist MP’s will also vote against changes to the ban.


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At PMQs, Steve McCabe asked the Prime Minister whether he planned to use legislation on English Votes for English Laws to repeal our fox hunting laws.


Steve asked:

Steve McCabe MP has criticised the Government for making cuts to the Access to Work programme without knowing the impact the scheme has on the economy.

Following the announcement by the Chancellor of the Exchequer in the Summer Budget 2015 of a £30 million fund to help speed up adoption, Labour’s Shadow Children’s and Families Minister Steve McCabe MP (Birmingham Selly Oak) is calling on the Government to pledge support for all children in care and not just those for whom adoption is the best outcome.


July is Scam Awareness Month. Led by Citizens Advice and Trading Standards the campaign is about helping consumers stay alert and confident, and encouraging us all to be ready, willing and able to spot scams.

Each year more than three million people in the UK fall victim to scams - on their doorstep, by phone, through the post and increasingly, online. Overall reports on frauds and scams to the Citizens Advice Consumer Service are up 104 per cent from last year.

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