Following the recent announcement by Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) that the company intends to increase their energy prices by 9% in October; Steve is calling on Ofgem to act and protect the most vulnerable customers from the spiralling cost of energy bills.



Steve McCabe MP has called on the Government to take responsibility for their failed economic policies and put the British economy and British jobs first. 

News that the Government has unexpectedly had to borrow £600m in July, traditionally a good month for tax receipts, has raised further doubts over the Government’s economic policies.



Thank you to everyone who took part in the survey regarding the future of Stirchley Baths.



Steve wants to know what his constituents think about changes to local policing.

Policing in Britain is facing some big changes; Steve is launching a consultation to find out what people in his constituency think about these changes and policing priorities.



Steve said:

“Our Police Force has been at the centre of much attention over recent months. We are facing a big overhaul in how our policing works.



Steve McCabe MP expresses caution over Labour Market Statistics published today, warning that the good news does not apply to the whole country.


While it is obviously good news that the number of people out of work nationally fell by 46,000 to 2.56 million in the three months to June, the story wasn’t quite so positive in the West Midlands with the number of people unemployed increasing by 0.3%.


Steve said:


Steve joined young people from across Birmingham to celebrate the talent and energy of young people with dance, music, poetry and a blend of different cultural traditions.

The event, held at Priory Square on 9 August, brought together youth organisations including Voice is Power, Young Peoples’ Parliament, Young Disabled Champions and Children in Care Council.  



You may be aware that the Sainsbury’s planning application to build on the former Battery site is currently making its way through Birmingham City Council’s planning process.

I thought I’d take this opportunity to inform residents that Birmingham City Council has decided to re-open the public consultation process for your comments on the revised proposals; in light of recent recommendations by the Council’s Planning Department.


Labour is currently engaged in a series of campaigns against cuts; our actions demonstrate a degree of solidarity with public sector workers and of course the view that further job losses can only increase the damage to our already fragile economy. But despite our desire to protect public services can we honestly say that these services always represent the best interests and needs of the public?


The bad debts and toxic products of our banks have already scarred the early years of this century and destroyed the hopes of a generation. Now we discover that while many of these banks were using our money to bail them out, they were also manipulating the Libor rate to inflate their profits and the mortgage payments of millions of hard pressed tax payers.

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