Steve said, ‘I’m never sure what to expect when I do these sort of events but it’s more important than ever that MPs’ don’t get caught in the Westminster bubble but make sure they have regular contact and dialogue with their voters. Obviously I do a lot of postal and email surveying as well as phone and doorstep work but there’s no substitute for a good old fashioned question and answer session.’

Kraft has announced proposals to expand its UK manufacturing base with significant investments across four UK sites over the next two years

- £50 million investment in UK chocolate and biscuit manufacturing

-  Launch of biscuit manufacturing in the UK with a new line at Kraft’s confectionery plant in Sheffield and the creation of 20 new manufacturing jobs

As storm clouds darken across Europe with the fate of the Euro currency in the balance and most commentators predicting disaster for UK businesses if it does collapse, Birmingham MP Steve McCabe has discovered that voters’ views on Europe are rather different from those advocated by a large number of parliamentarians.


In 2010, 18 young people were killed or seriously injured on UK roads every day.




The Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) has downgraded GDP growth forecasts to 0.9% for this year, down from 2.3%. The OBR has downgraded its forecasts 4 times in the last 18 months.



Whilst on board, passengers were given a history of the route and the places that the number 11 goes to. The bus route has been in operation since 1926. The celebrations were all the more relevant because last month was the anniversary of the 1911 Greater Birmingham Act. The act brought into Birmingham areas like Aston and Cotteridge. The number 11 provided, then as now, vital transport links to those living on the outskirts of an expanded Birmingham.


Deafness is not a learning disability, yet 65% of deaf children in England fail to achieve 5 GCSE’s grades A*-C, compared to 31.2% of pupils nationally. These figures show an inherent bias against deaf children in our education system. Cuts to programmes which aid deaf children simply add to this bias.



Steve was very sorry he had to miss the protest, but he was tied up in Parliament. Steve did however want to offer his support to the protestors and released this statement:



Currently, around £1 of every £4 spent on heating our homes is wasted because of a lack of adequate insulation. And with over 6 million cavity walls unfilled, and 10 million lofts left unlagged, a huge amount of money is being wasted.  



The reception was a chance to celebrate the work undertaken by retailers and their employees in their local areas and an opportunity to see firsthand how responsible retailers are making a real difference to their communities every day.



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