Steve is calling on constituents to help decide which charities should benefit from cash left on his doorstep by a Selly Oak samaritan. 
In my recent survey on the cost of living I was struck by the number of people who indicated how concerned they were about  the lack of opportunity for the next generation. I share that concern. On 13 July I am presenting a Bill in Parliament calling for some action from the Government.  I am asking that they take our concerns seriously and set up a Youth Employment and Training scheme paid for by a special tax on bankers bonuses.  
"As I told my constituents, this is not the most important issue in my postbag but, nevertheless, I wanted to take a 'snap shot' of what my constituents are thinking.  I undertook an online survey last week and this was the result."

"51% were against plans to change the voting system to the Alternative Vote, 32% supported the change and 17% were just not sure.

I want to know you views on a very important issue that has been raised with me by a number of my constituents. It is the Council's consultation on home to school travel for children and young people with significant special needs.


The consultation is looking at the extent to which the Council should support transport needs for eligible children with special needs and in a nutshell they want to change the policy to only provide transport support "to the nearest appropriate school".


On Thursday 5th May there will be a referendum on which voting system should be used in UK General Elections. I want to know your views on the referendum and what you think would be the best way of electing MPs.

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